What makes a Successful Plan?

It's perhaps the most important question you can ask. Yet, there are clearly a number of variables that make a plan truly successful. How do you measure the success of your plan?

Are you looking at....

  • Participation Rate?
  • Average Balances?
  • Contribution Rates?

Our definition for a successful plan means that your employees can retire on their terms. We can help quantify a "Successful Plan" and implement strategies to help get you there.

A successful retirement plan is a plan that engages employees. If your employees are not highly engaged in retirement thinking, perhaps it's time to move to an Advisor Based Plan. If your Retirement Plan Consultant is currently incognito or is unsuccessful in engaging your employees maybe it's time to Benchmark and Review and obtain a new perspective.

Keep in mind if your employees can't retire on their terms, how much longer will your employees have to work to retire and how much will that cost your company from a benefits standpoint?

A successful retirement plan is a plan that is designed on platform that offers options for current design features. Does your plan have the latest design tools like auto enrollment and auto escalate? What about an option for a Roth contribution? Did you realize there are several options to calculate Profit Sharing contributions and the best fit for your plan depends on your companies demographics?

These are just a few examples of how a retirement plan can be tailored to meet your company's needs. Please contact us to obtain a Clear Picture of whether or not you have a successful plan.

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