Why have an Advisor based plan?

Contrary to popular opinion, having a Financial Advisor based plan is not more expensive than vendor directly sold plans. On the contrary, having an advisor named on the plan can keep costs low by analyzing the current market pricing and through a repricing process that oftentimes gets overlooked. As an example, many employee benefits are required to be renewed annually (such as health insurance), but the Department of Labor only offers guidance to review your plan periodically. Unfortunately, the 401k review process oftentimes gets delayed by years at a time.

For Employees

  • Offer employee education - on site or through webcasts
  • Establish relationships with employees to enhance engagement
  • Offer personal retirement plans incorporating family income and assets to gain a clear picture of the complete retirement scene
  • Monitor Investments

For Plan Sponsors

  • Assist in Plan Design
  • Help reduce liability (through Plan Design)
  • Partner with TPAs to reduce administrative burden
  • Annual Benchmark and Review with competitive pricing


In the financial industry there are a lot of financial advisors. However, very few understand the 401(k) retirement plan market. So don't work with just anyone! Choose an advisor dedicated to the 401(k) retirement plan market.

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