Individual Financial Services

Thirty years ago my older sister walked into the house with a strange device. I soon figured out that it was some sort of toy. Cubed in nature with each side a different color, the sides and middle would twist so that one could mix up the colors…or, SOLVE the colors into the original spots. I was hooked. I had to figure out how to solve this Rubik’s Cube! After tinkering and fiddling, I was finally able to figure out the algorithms (and quickly became the most popular kid in the 4th grade as a result of being able to solve all the other kids Rubik’s cubes!). My popularity was short lived as the Rubik’s Cube fad died out. But my passion for puzzles has never faded.

Fast forward to today. The intricacies of financial and retirement planning fascinate me.
Unscrambling Retirement Income Needs, Cash Flow, IRA’s, Stocks, Bonds, Asset Allocation, Mutual Funds, Liabilities, College Savings, Insurance and Annuities, Real Property, Estate and Legacy Planning, Wills, Trusts, Tax Considerations - and making them all “fit” together in one comprehensive plan is like solving a Rubik’s Cube every day. Each person’s situation is a unique puzzle of its own. My goal is to understand you – not only your needs, but how your hopes, your dreams and your motives fit together in your own personal puzzle - and then become your advocate to achieve them. I view my business as a ministry devoted to helping you solve your financial concerns. Together we can customized income and investment strategies designed to create, preserve, manage and distribute wealth through a tailored approach.

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