Our Investment Process - (The Six Fundamentals of Investing)

1.  Have a Plan

“Don’t Follow Me, I’m Lost!” reads the bumper sticker. We’ve observed most prospective clients we meet with seem to endorse this thinking with either no plan or an ill-defined plan. We believe a well thought out, documented, and adaptable retirement plan is the cornerstone to financial success.

2.  Diversify

“Don’t Keep All Your Eggs in One Basket.” We believe proper asset allocation is an important determinant of return potential in a broadly diversified portfolio. It is important to align investment risk tolerance with investment goals.

3.  Manage Risk

“No Risk, No Reward!” states Generation ‘Y’. Although they are referring to the mentality it takes to stand on a podium, the same principle applies to investing, in degrees. We seek to manage risk by building portfolios tailored to accomplish your plan in the safest way possible. Why take more risk than necessary?

4.  Costs Matter

“You Get What You Pay For.” We ensure that you are receiving good value. We pay attention to fees and expenses, as unnecessary fees erode returns.

5.  Tax Efficiency

“It’s Not What You Make, It’s What You Keep.” We pay special attention to yields vs. tax brackets to make sure that you are receiving the most benefit from your portfolio’s generated income and capital appreciation.

6.  Efficient Markets

“It's Time in the Market, not Timing the Market.” We believe markets are efficient; meaning prices reflect the knowledge and expectations of all investors. Though prices are not always correct, markets are so competitive that it is unlikely any single investor can routinely profit at the expense of all other investors.

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