What is "Total Cost Analysis?"

Our Total Cost analysis includes a comparison of your plan to 3 to 5 of your competitors (depending on the size). The end result is your "all in cost ". Retirement plans fees can be "sliced and diced" in so many ways its often hard to understand who is paying what? Fees can come from up to four different components of the plan.

  • Record Keeper fees
  • Third Party Advmistrator fees
  • Financial Advisor fees
  • Investment fees

Sometimes two or more of the above components are bundled i.e. the record keeper is also the TPA or the financial advisor is employed by the record keeper. We've often heard plan sponsors tell us they don't pay any fees because they are not billable but included in investment expenses!

Confusing? We get it.  Request our complimentary Total Cost Analysis to set the record straight for both your participants and your compliance file!

Please contact us to see a sample of this report or learn more about our process here.


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